Monday, March 10, 2008

Pay Per Click Formula - Introduction to Traffic Brokering

Have you heard of traffic brokering? This is something you will want to take a look at. The very basics are that you buy traffic and send them to an advertiser that will pay you.

Pay Per Click Formula is a home study course by Gauher Chaudhry that will lay out the entire foundation of the traffic brokering business.

Gauher shows what has worked for him in earning over $100,000 in commissions and netting a high five figure income per month.

He will show you how to get started in the PPC business using systems like Google, Yahoo, Msn, and other PPC networks.

He will show you how to use those networks to send traffic to CPA offers that will earn you top dollars.

He will show you how to monitor your campaigns to find the winners that will earn you money and get rid of the losers that are costing you money. Let’s face it, not all campaigns are winners.
He will show you how to take the winners to the next level and increase their earnings. One good campaign can earn you hundreds or thousands per day.

Part time or full time is fine. 1-2 hours a day is all that is needed. It does require work, so you have to put in the time testing and doing.

Beginners and experienced PPC-ers alike can start using these special methods immediately. Gauher lays out a step by step system to get you going.

I did PPC advertising prior to getting this course but I have never seen ideas and methods like Gauher shows.

To me the best part of this business is having no products and no customer support issues to deal with. You can do this business from anywhere, even while on vacation with little or no maintenance needed.

The Pay Per Click Formula is a real course that will be delivered to your door. There are numerous manuals, CDs, and DVDs all with unique material covering the various topics. The manuals are not scripts of the CDs.

You will also get access to the private members forum where you can learn from others who are also using the course material.

And inside the private forum there are numerous people who have reported that after applying the techniques for a little bit of time, they are earn 4 and 5 figure net incomes per month.Net is very important here. A lot of people earn high gross incomes but they don’t reveal their costs that can wipe out these gross earnings. Following the system these people are earning around a 50% profit with a high net income.

I haven't seen any other place with the amount of success reports like in the Pay Per Click Formula forums.

I paid for the course several times over with my first months earnings.

I will have to say that this is the best home study course I have seen (I own many and have seen many more.)

There is a 60-day guarantee. I you put in one hour a day for 30-60 days, there really is no way you can't make this work.

I can keep telling you more about Pay Per Click Formula but it would be better to see the real thing.

Click here to go to Pay Per Click Formula.